Hand Print Heart Tree of Love

When you are finished with this tree of love you are going to have a beautiful heart tree.  I found this little beauty over at http://www.iheartcraftythings.com/ where you can find a ton of awesome craft projects for all ages and skill levels.

She started out by cutting strips of pink construction paper into thin strips but didn’t give any dimensions. She did say that she was able to get 19 out of 1 piece of construction paper.  With that being said, you want to cut it going down the short side of your paper where you will get the most strips and they should be 1/2 inch in diameter.  She states that she cuts 2 1/2 inches off of her strips so they are smaller and she connects the ends of the strips with a staple.  She then folded a crease to make a heart.

Cute Little Hearts

For the background you will need to take a blue piece of cardstock and then glue a green strip of paper on the paper to resemble grass.  Trace your child’s arms and hand onto a piece of brown cardstock and then glue it on the blue paper with the bottom of the arm being on the grass.

Pour some white glue into a paper plate.  Dip one heart at a time in the glue and then place it on the tree.  It will take a long time for the glue to dry so you need to put this up out of the way and let it dry someplace it won’t be disturbed.

**This craft was found at I Heart Crafty Things.

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