Garlic Peeler and Press

Hate smelly garlic hands after peeling/cutting/chopping/mincing garlic?  I know I sure did until I received this Alpha Grillers Garlic Press.  I was thrilled when I received this in the mail to try and give a review on. I use garlic a lot and peeling and mincing it can be time consuming.

Garlic Peeler & Press

This little beauty is amazing!  It fits great in your hand and is very easy to use.  The peel the clove of garlic all you have to do is put the clove in the press and roll it back and forth.  This will mince both peeled and unpeeled garlic and if you are a fan of ginger you can even use this for it as well. This is dishwasher safe which makes clean up really easy. #AlphaGrillers is awesome!!

**I received this produce free in exchange for my honest opinion**

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