Dad’s Headstone

Some of you know that my dad passed away back in August 2014.  We had to wait for the ground to thaw and the risk of any more freezes to be over before the installers could install his headstone.  I got the call that it had been installed so off to the cemetery we went.  This is how it turned out:

Dad headstone

I have to give a special shout out to some very special people and organizations that made this beautiful headstone possible for my Dad.

They are:

  • Macon County Memorial Park Cemetery – They went above and beyond to provide excellent service to my family during our time of need.
  • Illinois Patriot Guard – The IPG got together and used funds in the Help on the Homefront to pay for the installation of the headstone.
  • An anonymous cemetery in Champaign, Illinois that donated the granite base for the bronze marker to be placed in.
  • My dear friend Larry Geiger and his wife Robin for going to Champaign and getting the granite base and delivering it to the cemetery for me in nasty, wintery weather.
  • Vallerie Callahan at Macon County Memorial Park for her patience with me these past 8 months…I know it’s been difficult at times.
  • The Veteran’s Association for providing these wonderful markers to our nations veterans.
  • Last but certainly not least my family and friends.  I know I’ve probably driven some of you crazy these past 8 months with my sudden outbursts of crying, my sadness, and other things that have gone on since the passing of my dear o’le Daddio.

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