Ozeri Touch Bath Scale

This scale has features I didn’t know scales came with. I had no idea that a set of bath scales could measure hydration. This is a great feature for me as I tend to get sick often and this will allow me to keep track on if I get dehydrated or not. I also like that it tells you your bone mass and body fat. This is very accurate and in-tune with what the scales at the Dr. office says. This will weigh a person up to 440 lbs. This is a beautiful shiny black glass with metal plates for your feet to rest on. It comes nicely packed in a box in case you would want to give it as a gift. It also comes with batteries so you don’t have to worry about that. This scale allows you to store 8 different profiles to be able to keep track of your stats so there’s no need to keep write them down. The manual that comes with this scale is nothing short of a Bible for the scale user! I would recommend this scale to anyone that is wanting a good quality scale that measures more than just weight.


**I received this item free or at a reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion. I was not paid for my opinion and this is 100% my own opinion.**

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