Living w/a 5 yr old

Living with a 5 yr old is rather challenging – especially when that 5 yr old is very opionionated and tends to have an “attitude” on a very regular basis.  She can go from being ok to screaming/crying to laughing all in the matter of a minute or two…it amazes me just how fast her moods can change.

And, this child doesn’t sleep…we start putting her to bed early and it can be midnight – 1:00 before she finally gives in and goes to sleep! We have tried all of the recommended things to try…quiet time before bed, routine, go to bed at the same time, lavender lotion, lavender essential oil and nothing helps this child go to sleep.

Lets not even talk about being a picky eater!  When my kids were little they were not picky eaters but my granddaughter is picky.  She only eats a bite here and a bite there…if she could have her way she would eat Lunchables every day…or mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets.

Then there’s the problem with her bowels and still wearing pull-up type underwear. She has had problems since she was 6 months old with going to the bathroom. She’s had tests after tests and they just can’t figure out what’s wrong.  It just breaks my heart to see her have all of these problems and I can’t do anything about it.

Chloe & Lessa

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