Money Making Site

There’s this awesome money making site called empowr. What us empowr you ask?  Well here is the discription straight from their website:

empowr is an experiment–a partnership between academia and tech entrepreneurs that’s attempting to deliver a democratized social media experience where the company is governed by its citizens.

The company’s patented platform aims to provide economic opportunities for its citizens and return 97 percent of company revenues to them. empowr achieves this by democratizing the core elements of social media: user interface, advertising,and the marketplace, as well as the company’s governance, leadership and profits

Empors mission is to “empower people by enabling opportunity, hope, and influence.

Empowr works much like Facebook except with empowr you get paid to post things, comment on things others have posted, have a blog, sell items (real or digital).  One empowr instead of having friends you have fans and family and a couple of other categories to put people in.  You can also have a blog and get paid to blog.

Yes, this is a legit, honest thing…my daughter cashed out and received her money. You do have to wait for your earnings to mature before you can cash out. Their time table for that is:


  • you can immediately utilize all profits to widen your distribution and increase your earnings, by purchasing Power User subscriptions
  • you can immediately utilize some of your profits to purchase products and services; with that percentage growing monthly
  • 60 days after any month, you can utilize earnings from that month to purchase ads
  • 90 days after any month, you can cash out profits from that month via PayPal or bank check, or use them to pay Ad Platform fees for any Ad Credits utilized
I started posting on Feb 24th and I am up to $2616.76. ..and I don’t do that much posting.  They also have what they call surges where you have to do a task like watch a video or post your status and you get extra for those and those are high dollar from $6-$15.
For more info you can click here  empowr .  If you decide that you want to join please send me an email and I will send you a link to sign up…with that link will be $20 to get you started.

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