The Sorcery Code

If you enjoy a good, character driven fantasy you are going to love this first book in the The Sorcery Code series by Dima Zales.  This has a cast of characters that are believable and gives readers an intriguing look at sorcery and how it is accomplished.

The book starts out with a naked woman on Blaise’s floor.  Who is she you ask?  You will have to read the book to find out…I’m not giving that one away.

The 4 main characters of the book are: Blaise, Gala, Augusta and Barson.  There are other characters in the book but these are the main 4.

Where Blaise is from has made an injuction to where it’s forbidden Sorcerers from manifesting an item that allows peasants to use magic.  Blaise spent a year working on a project that would allow anyone to practice majic, not just the Elite Sorceres’. Instead of creating a object, he created a person!

The story is set in a placed called Kuldon.  In Kuldon anyone with magical powers rule. To get your copy of The Sorcery Code and read about Blaise and the person he created and life in Kuldon you can find it on Amazon. #SorceryCode

**I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

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