Hipster Freethinker Backpack,

This Hipster Freethinker Backpack is superb! I absolutely love it.  I use it to carry my laptop back and forth when we go to my grandparents house or anywhere else where we are going to be there for some time so I can have the internet nearby.


This has different compartments to hold your laptop, notebooks/folders, cords, pens/pencils and there’s one on each side that can be used for water bottles.  The straps are sturdy and comfortable.

We sometimes use this to carry extra clothes for my granddaughter should she have and accident while we are out and about.

I highly recommend this backpack to anyone that is wanting a good quality backpack that can hold your laptop and other school supplies or to put any hiking supplies in it when you go hiking.

Sorry I had to use a stock photo but my cameria lense is shattered so I can’t take pictures.

**I received this item free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion**

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