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A cancer diagnosis can be outright scary for any patient, but is it always necessary to treat the cancer right away? That is the question many doctors and patients will have when it comes to prostate cancer. According to new research about prostate cancer diagnoses and treatment plans, there may be some room to heed on the side of caution.

According to new findings, the survivor rate for low-risk prostate cancer is the same whether you get surgery, radiation, or simply don’t do anything at all. This might be because prostate cancer consists of much slower-growing tumors, which means that aggressive treatment might not be the best option for patients looking to maintain a certain quality of life.

We know that conventional treatments for prostate cancer do have major side effects that a patient will need to consider. For example, surgery could lead to incontinence and impotence.  Chemotherapy has its own wide range of side effects that could potentially leave the patient more sick than he would be if he just left it alone or tried an alternative cancer treatment. The latest findings indicate that doctors will need to put more thought into the appropriate cancer treatment to ensure the patient maintains the best quality of life without risking the prostate cancer spreading.

The Hope4Cancer® Institute has reviewed various prostate cancer treatments and maintains the best course of action could be alternative cancer treatments that don’t have the same side effects as conventional medications.

According to the Hope4Cancer® Institute:

  • Radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy therapies leave the body ravished and more at risk for other illnesses because the immune system is at risk.
  • There are non-invasive, non-toxic alternative cancer treatments that may be a better option for less aggressive cancers like prostate cancer.

The team at the Hope4Cancer® Institute is available to speak about alternative cancer treatments to retain patient quality of life and target cancer cells. To speak to a Hope4Cancer patient advisor about our cancer treatment protocols and approach, please call 1-888-544-5993 or +1-619-669-6511, or contact us at info@hope4cancer.com.


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4 thoughts on “Hope4Cancer Institute

  1. This is such an important issue. Every one in the world will know someone in their lifetime that will have cancer. I am at risk for cervical cancer and at 27 I have already had a biopsy but still no bad news. My mawmaw has had to go through chemo once and has had breast cancer in both breasts now. Hoping it never comes back this time.


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