The End of Vaccines??

“Immunonutrition over vaccination” is the conclusion of a landmark study published by The Knowledge of Health, a California based health watchdog group which is calling for a major re-direction in the way infectious disease is prevented. The 85-page white paper explores less problematic ways to address infectious diseases aside from vaccines at a time when they are under increased scrutiny

The report claims there is massive over-vaccination of human populations as most well nourished unvaccinated Americans naturally produce their own antibodies and experience only transient minor symptoms or are asymptomatic when exposed to common pathogens such as measles, chicken pox, poliovirus or whooping cough.   For example, only 1 in 200 to 1 in 1000 people experience paralysis when exposed to poliovirus and most don’t even know they naturally developed antibodies on their own without vaccines.  Modern medicine mistakenly calls this herd immunity.

The report argues that immunonutrition consisting of zinc therapy to activate T-memory cells made in the thymus gland to produce a symptomless response to infectious bacteria or viruses whether they be from vaccines or from natural exposure, is the best way to treat illnesses. The report notes that the two age groups that do not respond well to vaccines, the very young and the very old, have impaired immunity due to a deficiency of zinc.  The report calls for universal food fortification and dietary supplementation prior to vaccination.  The report claims the only way vaccines can be improved and side effects and vaccine-induced infection avoided is to employ immunotherapy.

The full report is available at

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