3d Signatures

Here is a disruptive diagnostic company in the personalized medicine space called 3D Signature that I think many of you might be interested in. Its technology could save lives and determine how cancer will progress and what are the best modes of treatment for each individual patient.  www.3dsignatures.com

This short video explains the science behind the company’s proprietary software that can analyze a patient’s chromosomal arrangement – or signature – through a simple non-invasive blood test or tissue sample. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OntyoBmXO04

The global cancer diagnostics market is expected to reach $13.1 Billion by 2020. Unlike most diagnostic companies, 3D Signatures’ proprietary imaging software goes beyond identifying whether a patient suffers from a specific disease or condition. Its platform tells doctors how to personalize treatment for patients and analyzes a specific part of an individual’s unique DNA (their telomeres) to determine how a disease will progress and if and how they will respond to treatment.


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