Buckle Me Baby Coats

One of the biggest worries when it comes to children’s winter jackets and car seats are loose car seat harnesses. Buckle Me Baby Coats solves this safety hazard, making car seat use safer during autumn and winter months. For safer travels this fall and winter, every parent should know about Buckle Me Baby Coats before buying their child’s new winter jacket.

As a mom who first learned about Dahlia Rizk’s Buckle Me Baby Coats invention, I practically jumped out of my seat at my desk and cheered! I couldn’t wait to tell all my fellow moms about how this women had invented the most genius children’s winter coat ever. When my son (who is now eight) was in his toddler, pre-school and kindergarten years, I spent countless amounts of time trying to finagle him into his car seat in the freezing cold, and buckle him into the car seat harness with his bulky winter jacket. His jacket made the car seat buckles ill-fitting, causing the buckle to be too loose on top of the jacket and too tight in the crotch area (moms know exactly what I’m talking about!). It was a mess. Some days I coaxed him out of the jacket altogether, only having to wrangle him back into it when we reached our destination. Then I heard news reports that leaving your little one in his or her winter jacket in the car seat is not just uncomfortable and annoying; it’s dangerous.

The Much Publicized Problem

2016 Consumer Reports piece on the dangers of children’s winter jackets and car seats –http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2012/12/winter-coats-and-car-seats-keeping-your-child-safe-and-warm/index.htm

This 2016 Washington Post article explains how parents have often had to choose between their child staying warm or staying safe in case of a car accident –https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/12/18/whats-more-dangerous-for-your-child-in-a-car-seat-a-coat-or-the-cold/?utm_term=.e08bc52d95bb

Snug fits gives moms and dads a false sense of security, because the car seat straps are not really snug to your child’s body at all. They are fitted to the jacket. This leaves too much room between your child’s body and the car seat straps rendering the car seat useless in protecting the child in case of impact.

The Solution That Parents Need to Know About

A New Hampshire mom of 3, Dahlia Rizk, 42, has invented and brought to market her patented Buckle Me Baby Coats – a safer winter jacket that is compatible with car seats and car seat safety recommendations. Buckle Me Baby Coats are manufactured to be more compact, though just as insulated as traditional children’s winter jackets, with a design that is thinner in the back. And her jackets open along the side and shoulder seams instead of down the middle, allowing the whole front panel to be pulled out of the way for proper harness placement and buckling. I know what you’re thinking. “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

This patented design allows frazzled, freezing cold, multi-tasking moms (and dads) the ability to leave their child’s winter jacket on by simply opening the side and rolling the front of the jacket back, and then buckling the child into their car seat with the harness directly on the child’s body.

For Inventor Dahlia Rizk, Buckle Me Baby Coats inspiration came where all moms get them – From her kids…

“I remember when my oldest was little and I was getting my car seat checked out at the local firehouse. The firefighter told me that the car seat was installed perfectly, but that my daughter’s winter jacket was not safe to wear in the car seat. At that point the wheels started turning in my head.” But Rizk was busy raising three children and attending graduate school at that time.

She approached a few major coat companies with her idea but they didn’t see car seat safety and coats as marketable things that went together.

Fast forward to 2016. After seeing more news about kids hurt in car crashes due to their winter coat, she decided with the accessibility of direct to consumer online marketing it was time to file for a patent and get to work creating Buckle Me Baby Coats making car seats safer for small children during the winter months. Although her own children are no longer in car seats, the Londonderry, New Hampshire mom says “I decided to pursue this for other parents.”

Buckle Me Baby Coats are manufactured in the USA. They are available for both boys and girls in dark blue, dark pink, dark green, orange, gray, red, yellow, and purple in sizes 2T – 8. The coats retail for $85.00. Buckle Me Baby Coats is now accepting pre-orders for September 2017 and beyond, atBuckleMeCoats.com.


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