Linen World Sale & Introduction

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With winter coming let me introduce you to a company that will keep you warm all winter long.

Linen World is a 38 year old family owned company that specializes in home textiles and decor.

Linen World sells quality products in a wide variety of areas. Some of those are:

Blankets & Throws: Sherpa throws & blankets, luxury blankets, military blankets, sports blankets and oversized blankets.

Bedding: Quilt ensembles, bed in a bag, comforters, pillows and sheets.

Kitchen: Cookware, kitchen storage, bakeware, pro chef essentials and cutlery.

Bath & Beauty: Shower curtains, bath rugs and more

Home & More: Fragrance warmers, home accents, handbags, baby & kids, pets and beach, pool & bbq.




CookingEbook – Sweets, Holidays and Family Recipes

Anyone interested in Kosher that is inspired by Mediterranean-Israeli cooking will love this book, as will vegetarians because most of the recipes are vegetarian. This cookbook is full of great things that any cook is sure to love.


In this book:

Easy to follow, user-friendly recipes
New cooking tips and techniques
Photo of every recipe, including many step-by-step photos
A treasure trove of 100% kosher recipes

This book has 34 original recipes that focuses on fresh flavors and simple techniques. These recipes are suitable for weeknight meals or special ocassions.

You will find recipes with unique Mediterranean flavors such as tahini and almond cookies and malabi, as well as sweet and savory dishes that are suitable for Jewish holidays (or any time of year!) like potato pancakes (levivot), leek patties and zucchini pancakes.

Orly has also included a selection of family recipes that have been passed down by her mother, or are favorites of her children. These no-fail dishes include Greek Eggplant pie, meatballs in tomato sauce (with a Sephardic twist), and the perfect classic chocolate cake.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in in Kosher, Mediterranean, or Isreali cooking. I enjoyed doing this #Promotion for this book.

I received this book free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

CHURRASCO Grilling the Brazilian Way

Have you ever been sitting there,  wondering what you were going to fix for dinner, nothing sounds good, you are tired of the same thing day after day?  Well, grab a copy of CHURRASCO Grilling the Brazilian Way by Evandro Caregnato.



Churrasco cooking is how the immigrant gauchos (cowboys) would roast meat over wood fires that was developed in the early 1800’s in Southern Brazil. In this nicely written book Evandro adds beautiful and mouthwatering pictures that will have you running to get the wood to make your own wood fire!



This book not only has 70 mouthwatering recipes with a wide variety of ingredients including everything from pork, beef, lamb and poultry but it also tells Caregnatos story.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an authentic way to eat original Brazilian style food.

Silicone Pastry Brushes

I have always wanted some silicone pastry brushes but just never got around to buying them. I had the opportunity to get these and now I wonder why I never got them any sooner. I love that these came in 2 different sizes. These are 100% FDA approved and are made with an ergonomic design and will not stain or retain odors. All Mahal products come with a lifetime guarantee. These silicone brushes will not melt, warp, discolor, or shrink like regular plastic or wooden brushes. These can be washed in the dishwasher and the handle comes off so if food should get down in there you can remove the handle and wash there so no mold or anything else builds up there. I love that they are a nice bright color so I can easily find them in my utensil drawer.

**I revceived these for free or at a reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion. I was not paid to review them and this is my own opinion.**

Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler Set

These two peelers are AMAZING! They are extremely sharp and with them being made out of Stainless Steel they are made to last. The smaller one makes peeling smaller veggies quick work. The bigger juienne one peels on one side and julienne’s on the other side. It is perfect when it comes to making the ever so popular zucchini noodles! I would recommend these peelers to anyone that is looking for a good quality peeler that not only peels but julennes as well. If you would like to purchase these for your own use, click here

**I received this product free or at a reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion. This opinion is 100% my own.

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Sushi Maker

I got this as a present for my daughter. She loves sushi and I figured it would be much cheaper for her to make it herself rather than going out and buying it. This is a great kit for the beginner as it comes with a training frame and a roller then when you are done rolling there’s a guide to help you cut even cuts. This comes with a great guide that shows you step by step how to make sushi. I would recommend this to anyone that is needing a gift for that person that is into Japanese cuisine. If you would like to purchase this sushi maker for the Japanese Cuisine lover in your family you can purchse it here

**I received this product free or at a reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I was not paid for my opinion.**


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Awesome Thermometer!!

I absolutely LOVE this #MeatThermometer!! The fact that you can use it in meat, candy and other foods makes this instant read digital meat and kitchen thermometer a home run in our household. I have been wanting a candy thermometer for years and the fact that I can use this for meat is an added bonus. I love the fact that this has an off/on switch since many digital items don’t have this function. This goes up to 575 degrees so I would say that it can handle just about everything you cook. I would recommend this thermometer to anyone that is wanting one to register the temperature of their meat and candy. If you would like to purchase your own awesome thermometer to get your meat to the perfect temperature click Here

** *I received this product free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of the product.