Help Save Our National Parks

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks (CPANP) is launching an online storefront to boost the Coalition’s work protecting national parks and the National Park Service (NPS) mission. The storefront for the CPANP-branded merchandise is available at

CPANP Chair Maureen Finnerty said: “We have been hearing for years that people want to support the unique group that the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks brings together.  As a non-partisan, independent organization, it can be challenging for us to raise funds.  We thought this was an interesting way that people who visit and love the parks could show their support for our mission.”


Visitors to storefront are greeted with this message: “The Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks is an independent, non-partisan organization with over 1,400 members, who are all current, former, and retired employees of the National Park Service (NPS). With nearly 35,000 years of combined service, we focus on the preservation and protection of America’s most precious natural and cultural resources. We use our voice to defend national monuments, to stop budget cuts and to protect our public lands from energy development. Your purchase helps the Coalition continue its work to support the NPS mission, the parks and NPS employees from a growing numbers of threats. Thank you for your support of this important work!” 

Featured items on the storefront branded with the “Our Blood Runs Green” message include t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, beach bags, messenger bags, kid’s clothing, water bottles and other drinkware, and a variety of lower-cost “stocking stuffer” items, including notepads, golf balls, stickers and mouse pads.

The CPANP’s storefront is powered by

The more than 1,400 members of the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks are all current, former, and retired employees of the National Park Service with nearly 35,000 years of stewardship of America’s most precious natural and cultural resources. In their personal lives, Coalition members reflect the broad spectrum of skills and expertise that distinguished their National Park Service careers. Coalition members now strive to apply their credibility and integrity as they continue to support the NPS Mission, NPS employees and speak out for national park solutions that uphold law and apply sound


CHURRASCO Grilling the Brazilian Way

Have you ever been sitting there,  wondering what you were going to fix for dinner, nothing sounds good, you are tired of the same thing day after day?  Well, grab a copy of CHURRASCO Grilling the Brazilian Way by Evandro Caregnato.



Churrasco cooking is how the immigrant gauchos (cowboys) would roast meat over wood fires that was developed in the early 1800’s in Southern Brazil. In this nicely written book Evandro adds beautiful and mouthwatering pictures that will have you running to get the wood to make your own wood fire!



This book not only has 70 mouthwatering recipes with a wide variety of ingredients including everything from pork, beef, lamb and poultry but it also tells Caregnatos story.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an authentic way to eat original Brazilian style food.

Matriarch – An Australian Historical Novel

I am usually not much of a fan of historical writings but I found this #AussieNovel to be well written and it held my interest.  It tells of how the Aboriginals were treated back in the war torn days and how the kids were taken away and forced to learn the English ways.  This story is actually told from the great-grandma’s side of things.  This is a story about a man who has a family member that is of English power that gets involved in a relationship with a woman of a different race.  Way back then interracial relationships were just not accepted. This book is full of love, drama and intensity all while telling you about some Australian history.  I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a bit about Australia’s history. This #AussieNovel is well worth the money.  To purchase your own copy of Matriarch you can go here.

* I received this book free or at a reduced rate in exchange for my honested and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for my opinion and this is 100% my own opinion